Here I list some people/blogs that I enjoy reading. There’s no order of preference.

  • Bradley Taunt ~ Blogging about web design and development, and open source projects.

  • Natan ~ Writes mostly about data privacy and cybesecurity related content.

  • Tedium ~ Deep-dive into the depths of the long tail. If you like strange and unusual descriptions of common things, explained in extreme depth, the Tedium newsletter is a great place to look for those.

  • Joost Van der Schee ~ Website performance expert from Amsterdam.

  • Kev Quirk ~ InfoSec professional and creator of the The 512KB Club. Always sharing great stuff about opensource, indieweb and technology.

  • Luke Harris ~ Interesting web design and technology posts.

  • Mike Stone ~ Shares about Open source software, privacy, technology & online trends.

  • Nicholas Danes ~ Technology, meta and personal updates.

  • Scott Nesbitt ~ Sharing about Linux and open source, with a decidedly non-techie slant.