Introducing some privacy to your digital life

Some time ago, searching for some more privacy-respecting softwares to replace the bad ones I used to have installed, I was introduced to the Privacy Guides website, recommended by the folks at the Techlore channel.

And believe me, their work is incredible.

Many may wonder the reasons why you should care about your online privacy. I could list a few, but this is not the topic of this post. For now, let's just say that you'd like to use products and services that respect you as an individual, and that they come from open source community or companies that don't have obscure terms and conditions to profit tones of money from your personal data.

What is Privacy Guides?

Privacy Guides - Website Screenshot
Privacy Guides is a socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy. We are a non-profit collective operated entirely by volunteer team members and contributors.

For instance, you want to ditch off whatsapp, or worse than that, sms. Well, you could go to and look up on the real-time communication section. In this section you will find a special selection of apps that can help you with this change, as well as the platforms on which the apps are available for download, and a great guide explaining the types of communication networks, so you can check which one suits your needs and your threat model better.

Some sections of the website are:

  • Providers - (Cloud Storage, Email, Search Engines, Social Network, etc.)
  • Software - (Encryption Tools, Productivity Tools, Real-Time Communication, Video Streaming, etc.)
  • Operating Systems - (Linux Desktops, Router Firmware, etc.)

The vast majority, if not all, of the software selected by team members are open source, that is, you can look at the code to see if there's anything wrong, or even better, check out how you can contribute to these projects.

@Mentions: Techlore Channel

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