Monthly Roundup - June, 2022

This is an update of what happened in the previous month.

📝 Blogging

About two months ago, I made my first post on this blog, and I'm glad that I still have the urge to keep writing.

Many of the things I write on this site could be published in a short form on Mastodon and would certainly have a wider reach. But I confess that I don't feel comfortable with this kind of interaction.

When I write on my website, I have my own rhythm. I can control whether I want to speak a lot or a little, be more substantial or specific, and there is no pressure for needing to be interacting in a way that is often superficial or instantaneous.

I have the impression that every time I open my feed, something mysterious says that I have to boost someone's post, or that I have to comment on something, or that I have to post something randomly, even if irrelevant.

Furthermore, I have so many things to worry about in my life, to the point of really getting irritated when scrolling my timeline and reading things, for example, "today is very cold", or "hi there". Seriously, what is the need for this type of post? It also bothers me that someone who has something interesting to say has been called attention because he didn't put a "USPOL" CW. Is it serious that people are so sensitive to opinions and content that they can't move on to the next post on their own, in case they don't want to read a "USPOL" post, for example?

Ok, maybe I'm too strict with my way of thinking, because I try to ask myself why I do something before I do it. So, for me to feel good, I try to be distant (not isolated) from social networks.

Also, I noticed that in the last few days I've been receiving emails with comments about my posts. This is a great way for me to interact with people.

Below are the posts from the previous month:

📖 Reading

I've picked these three articles that I read in the past month.

😎 Other

John Oliver came up with another cool video explaining the modus operandi of big techs.

Tech Monopolies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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